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Question about suspended players. (1 Viewer)


I admit that I don't know the process of how the league tests players and all the steps leading up to a suspension. I thought the league just announced it when a player failed a test. "Joe Blow has been suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy in week N. He will be eligible to return in week N+4."

Are players now allowed to appeal these suspensions? Is that why we here the story of guys failing the test but no immediate suspension? TIA.

I would think they could pretty much appeal any suspension.

sounds like they were notified a month, or so, ago, filed appeals, and are waiting on the appeals process.

my question would be when the actual suspension begins after the verdict --- let's say they hand down a ruling on whatever tuesday, do suspensions start that following sunday, or does it drag on further?

I thought I heard it discussed on the radio that if a player could prove that a banned substance was not on the label of a suplement then they would go to a "probable cause" status. Meaning they would get more frequent testing, but not suspended.

They all have the ability to appeal. The reason you don't always hear about it is because players either choose not to fight it or the appeal isn't leaked. The drug test results and appeals process are supposed to be confidential. The NFL has had a real problem over the last few years with leaks. IMO, the NFL is looking at a major lawsuit by the NFLPA if they don't figure out where the leak is get rid of that person.


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