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Question does Mike Doss Assume Starting Role! (1 Viewer)


Does Mike does assume his Starting Strong Safety spot next week or is he a backup or what.. Is he worthy of a pickup

He should start yes, however he is currently injuried and they aren't sure if he will play or not in week 2. I hope he does because I want Sanders back at SS.

Doss will start in Week 2 not necessarily by choice, but out of necessity. Jefferson has been ruled out for Week 2 and Strickland (who has some safety experience) has been placed on the IR.I'm assuming Doss will be the SS this week with Sanders playing FS. I could be wrong b/c preseason discussion has stated the opposite. I just cannot imagine Doss playing his first game chasing Jimmy Smith, Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones around the field as a FS.


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