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Quicken Loans for buying a home. (1 Viewer)


Anyone ever use them? How did it go? Any issues? 

I have an offer from a buyer using them and I'm 0 for 5 with internet lenders in that past in getting them closed.  

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Used them, Rocket Mortgage, in 2017. Extremely smooth , no hiccups . Was hoping for a 30 day closing but it was about 45

They are one of the biggest lenders, are they not?

I used a broker the last time I bought a house, and ended up with a Quicken Loans loan.  Had no issues, and it was the smoothest of all of my transactions (two house purchases, several re-fis).

The builder/seller of house we bought 2 years ago was leery at first of quicken
so was i until this thread and an agent thread I posted in today.  I'm 0 for 5 using out of state lenders in the past.   Everyone said they were fine here and on my other post.

My seller is pending on a new, larger home.   The seller of that home is pending on a home.  Can't have the buyer screw up the first home in the chain.  It's been a crazy 24 hours putting this together and it make it work for all.

Not many people will accept contingent offers in Austin. Extremely hot market and decent homes hitting market with offers already. Either need to sell your home first or qualify to buy second home before selling your existing home.


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