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...the Montreal Alouettes. That's right...he'll be the starting QB for my team next year..

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Hopefully hes gotten his bi-polarity beaten. He struggled with that for a long time in college and especially the NFL without ever revealing it to the public.

Say what you want about Q, he got an NFL team to 10 wins and the playoffs in his second season as the sarter. He was making huge strides in his game when the drugs got the best of him. He was a great guy with the media and a nice person who always took time to sign autographs and spend time with the fans. I wish the guy the best of luck.

...the Montreal Alouettes. That's right...he'll be the starting QB for my team next year..
I think they signed him to back up Calvillo.But i am also from Montreal and tired of Calvillo ,

id like to see Carter being the starter.

The guy is mobile good arm strenght and probably better then some starting QB in the NFL. He could become the next Doug Flutie in Canada if he puts his head straight.

CFL | Q. Carter calls release a joke

Thu, 25 May 2006 20:39:54 -0700

The Edmonton Journal reports former Montreal Allouettes QB Quincy Carter called his release Wednesday, May 24, a joke. "This is a joke, an insult," Carter said Wednesday afternoon, hours after the Canadian Football League team announced his release. "I was throwing all over the field, from either hashmark, with ease. And we were practicing in (an indoor facility), so I couldn't throw as deep as I wanted." Allouettes head coach Don Matthews said Carter's release was performance related. "Someone had to go. He was the obvious choice. He had the lowest grades." Carter also claimed he had several conversations behind closed doors with general manager Jim Popp, during which he was told he'd back up starting QB Anthony Calvillo, but Popp denied Carter's statement.


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