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r. moss (1 Viewer)


will this guy break out of it? how much patience can the pats have, and when will he be fed up?

Moss had 3 rec with Brady in the first 7 mins of game ...the last 2 games plus most of the kc game i think he has like 6 or 7

he's done

Well. Only positive is they have their bye week this week. Hopefully BB can figure out a way to get him the ball.

Cassel needs to grow a pair first. There were times where you could see he wanted to try and throw it deep to Moss, but he couldn't pull the trigger, then got sacked. I don't think he's used to seeing Moss appearing to be covered, but if he throws it deep, Moss will beat his man for the ball down the field. Cassel threw at Moss a lot more then the Jets game, he just wasn't even close most of the time though.

Seems like a great buy low. I'm going to try and acquire him this week in an 8-keeper league.

The bottom line is that he's a top 5 all time WR still in the prime of his career. At some point the Patriots will figure out how to get the ball to him. I know things look bleak... the best values are often found in situations like this.

Real question is will Moss even give a damn for the rest of the season?

Not fishing, he just plain looked disinterested at times duing the game. If anyone can confirm/deny this, that'd be great.

i am afraid I will have to bench him and calvin for Bowe for the rest of the season, I honestly expected randy to step up to the challenge...


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