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Rams Offense (1 Viewer)

Voice Of Reason

Can any homer share some insight on what to expect from these guys next year?

On one hand, they've played 5 games last year against teams with more innovative offenses in Seattle, SF, and Washington. They traded up in the first round to draft Tavon Austin, brought in more speed on offense. So at first I thought that they would likely overhaul the offense to run somewhat of a Chip Kelly type offense with backside screens options on running plays, other run/pass "option" plays, spread, maybe some read option type stuff. However, offensive innovation seems really out of character from Brian Schottenheimer offense. And they haven't shown much in the preseason.

Should I expect the Rams to run a pro style offense with maybe Tavon Austin used like Reggie Bush in New Orleans, or should I expect the Rams to overhaul their entire system to take advantage of him like the Redskins did with RG3 last year?

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Not a rams homer, but from what i've read I believe they want to spread it out and let Bradford operate from the shotgun... My first inclination is something similar to what the lions do.


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