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Random funny/fascinating/cool/odd stuff: Study finds HUGS can relieve pain, anxiety, and depression (2 Viewers)

Nathan R. Jessep

Sometimes I run across funny or interesting (to me) stuff I'd like to share here, but don't want to make an entire thread about each one, so let this serve as the repository for those things.

Feel free to contribute your own.
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I used to live in Chula Vista in my Navy days.  Would go down to a laundromat a block away to wash clothes.

In the middle of that laundromat was the city limits sign (outside on the sidewalk) one side read Chula Vista the other side read National City.  So I was washing my clothes in Chula Vista but drying them in National City.


It was a Saturday afternoon me and  buddy debating on where to go that night in that never ending search for Miss Tonight. He wanted to drive the 30 miles to Porterville, I wanted to drive the 8ish to The Holliday Inn Lounge.

We ended up playing a backgammon game the winner got his choice.

I ended up meeting my soon to be wife at The Paul Bunyan in Porterville.

If I'd won the game my whole life would have been totally different.

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I just found out that you have a significantly greater chance of being diagnosed with MS the further you live from the equator.

Something with getting enough sun/vitamin D, idk.


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (RELEASE) -- Last night shortly before 8:30pm Officers were called to Walmart for a retail theft in progress. They were told a female, and her dog had shoplifted items from the store. When Officers arrived at Walmart they found the female, Lisa Smith 46yo, screaming in the entryway and trying to catch her dog "Bo". They also learned that her son, Benny Vann 25yo, was in the store causing problems.

In trying to figure out what happened, Officers learned Smith had come into Walmart with her unleashed Dog "Bo." While Bo ran up to customers, Smith erratically started pulling apart store displays and placing them in her cart. She was asked to leave by staff and left the store to perform karate moves in the parking lot. In the meantime, Bo got a box of Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix and tried to leave the store. Smith was arrested and fought with Officers -- she also attempted to kick out a window on the squad car.

While this was occurring, Vann had made his way to the back of the store and removed all of his clothing exposing himself to other customers. Vann retrieved new clothing from the racks but did not purchase these items. When Officers approached Vann he refused to stop and attempted to run over an Officer with his scooter. Officers physically stopped the scooter and arrested Vann.

Smith was arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping. Vann was arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior, Disorderly Conduct and Retail Theft. Bo was caught by Officers in the store and brought to the Humane Association. The dog was not charged – police issued him a warning for the theft

Walking Boot said:
I read the article, which says:

And I went to snopes, and sure enough, it says:

Umm, Snopes, geniuses... 

How the heck do you swap one baby?

One infant a day for 13 years is indeed 4,745 infants. But...

One swap necessarily involves two babies guys. It's one swap a day for 6.85 years. Not one baby a day for 13 years. That makes no sense. 

If you "switched more than 5,000 babies at birth during her 12 years in the maternity ward" you don't need to do 5,000 switches. You need to do 2,500 switches of two babies. Or 208 per year for 12 years. So the math isn't as impossible as they claim when they stamp it assuredly false.

It's like they're not even thinking over there.
Maybe they just switched a baby with a plant.  Didn't think of that, now, did you, smart guy?


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