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Randy Bullock owners (1 Viewer)


What are you doing

Buy, Hold, sell dump?

You probably took him as one of the first 4-5 kickers off of the board

Which way are you going now that he's 1 for 5

Holding until Houston's bye week or one more game with multiple missed kicks.
Same. My league has a limit on waiver pickups for the year so this also plays into my decision. I will mostly likely pick up a kicker for a team with an early bye wks 4,5 or 6.

Dropped him fo flavor of the week, and plan on continuing along that path. No one rosters more than one kicker in my leagues except for byes, and maybe not even then so always a decent matchup to pick up

One more bad week and the Texans start auditioning kickers.

I was high on him coming out of college, and based on my research the Texans were going to have a lot of FG's in the bonus range (48+).

I'm holding, but worried enough to trade a scrub for Blair Walsh until I feel his job has more security.

Once I let other owners know that Bullock was available, my ISP warned me as the sudden rush of emails brought down the email server.

So yeah, I'd say sell. The response might cause you to lose your email for a day, but it's worth it!

Dump. If he returns to form he'll still be on the WW for me to pick up later. Til then, I'll roll with someone else.

Dynasty, haven't felt compelled to drop him yet. Starting prater over him without much thought.


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