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Rank my Rookie Draft (1 Viewer)


1.04 Cedric Benson......Brown and Cadillac picked ahead of me2.13 Lofa Tatupa..........Will he be an IDP Stud3.4 Justin Miller...........Points for punt and Kickoff Return Yards4.13Matthew McCoy.....Is this a bust pick?

1.1----    Tampa Bay   Carnell Williams  rb2.16---    Baltimore   Dan Cody  de3.1----    San Francisco   Frank Gore  rb4.16---    Chicago   Kyle Orton  qb1.2----    San Francisco   Alex Smith  qb2.15---    Atlanta   Roddy White wr3.2----    Indianapolis   Marlin Jackson  cb4.15---    San Diego   Vincent Jackson  wr1.3----    Minnesota   Troy Williamson  wr2.14---    Chicago   Mark Bradley wr3.3----    Denver   Maurice Clarett  rb4.14---    Arizona   Darryl Blackstock  lb1.4----    Chicago   Cedric Benson  rb2.13----    Seattle   Lofa Tatupu  lb3.4----    NY Jets   Justin Miller  cb4.13---    Philadelphia   Matthew McCoy lb1.5----    Miami   Ronnie Brown  rb2.12---    Oakland   Fabian Washington  cb3.5----    Philadelphia   Mike Patterson  dt4.12---    Indianapolis   Kelvin Hayden  cb1.6----    Detroit   Mike Williams  wr2.11---    San Diego   Luis Castillo  dt3.6----    NY Jets   Mike Nugent  k4.11---    Pittsburgh   Bryant McFadden  cb1.7----    Arizona   J.J. Arrington  rb2.10---    Baltimore   Mark Clayton  wr3.7----    Detroit   Shaun Cody  dt4.10---    Kansas City   Craphonso Thorpe  wr1.8----  Cleveland   Braylon Edwards  wr2.9----    Dallas   Marcus Spears  de3.8----    Cleveland   Brodney Pool  s4.9----    Atlanta   Jonathan Babineaux  dt1.9----    Carolina   Eric Shelton  rb2.8----    Washington   Jason Campbell  qb3.9----    St. Louis   Ronald Bartell, Jr. cb4.8----    Tennessee   Brandon Jones  wr1.10---    Philadelphia   Reggie Brown  wr2.7----    Pittsburgh   Heath Miller  te3.10---    Miami   Matt Roth  de4.7----    Oakland   Andrew Walter  qb1.11---    Tennessee   Adam Jones  cb2.6----    Minnesota   Erasmus James  de3.11---    Tampa Bay   Barrett Ruud  lb4.6----    Green Bay   Terrence Murphy  wr1.12---    Arizona   Antrel Rolle  cb2.5----    Cincinnati   David Pollack  de3.12---    Oakland   Stanford Routt cb4.5----    Denver   Darrent Williams cb1.13---    Green Bay   Aaron Rodgers  qb2.4---- Houston   Travis Johnson  dt3.13---    Houston   Vernand Morency  rb4.4----    Philadelphia   Ryan Moats rb1.14---    Washington   Carlos Rogers  cb2.3----    Kansas City   Derrick Johnson  lb3.14---    New Orleans   Josh Bullocks  s4.3----    Buffalo   Roscoe Parrish  wr1.15---    Dallas   Demarcus Ware  lb2.2----    San Diego   Shawne Merriman  de3.15---    Dallas   Kevin Burnett  lb4.2----    Green Bay   Nick Collins  cb1.16---    Carolina   Thomas Davis  s2.1----    Jacksonville   Matt Jones  te3.16---    Cincinnati   Odell Thurman  lb4.1----    NY Giants   Corey Webster  cb

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I would actually be interested in seeing you scoring. In most dynasty drafts regardless of scroing systems rookie RBs like Gore (3.1) and Moats (4.4) who have legitmate shots at playing some as rookies don't last past like pick 10 or 12.Given the drafting patterns of you league this does not look so bad, but your league is not drafting in stereotypical patternsAre there dollars associated with defensive versus offensive players?

Benson was a great pick at 1.4 (fortunately for you, Smith was reached for at 1.2).

I would have easily taken either Thurman, Rudd, or Moats over Tatupu at 2.13. Your pick of Justin Miller at 3.4 could flop if Ty Law signs with the Jets. Again, I would have grabbed either Thurman, Rudd, or Moats here.

McCoy has potential. The two WLB's in front of him on the PHI depth chart (Adams and Simoneau) are not world beaters, and McCoy has an outside chance of seeing time in '06. I personally would have gambled on Channing Crowder instead, but to each his own.

I think the following owners had the best draft...

1.16--- Carolina Thomas Davis s

2.1---- Jacksonville Matt Jones te

3.16--- Cincinnati Odell Thurman lb

4.1---- NY Giants Corey Webster cb

1.8---- Cleveland Braylon Edwards wr

2.9---- Dallas Marcus Spears de

3.8---- Cleveland Brodney Pool s

4.9---- Atlanta Jonathan Babineaux dt

1.7---- Arizona J.J. Arrington rb

2.10--- Baltimore Mark Clayton wr

3.7---- Detroit Shaun Cody dt

4.10--- Kansas City Craphonso Thorpe wr

The scoring in this league is very unique from what I am used to. Using last years stats here are the total ff points for the #1 ranked and #20 ranked per position.qb 387-155RB 696-440WR 334-234TE 273-90DL 238-162LB 321-226DB 294-205We play 1 RB and one flex on offense. While RB is a premium, there are 14 starters all together, so legit starters at all positions are more of a premium in 16 team league. I may be wrong, but since this is our first year in dynasty, my strategy for the rookie draft was to go for boom or bust guys. Not necessary guys who may start this year and fail. I figure for the vet draft is where I would build my foundation of a team. I am probably wrong, but thats why we play the game. Gore and Moats did not interest me at all. Gore is already hurt and Moats has several people to surpass.

Well, I'd hang on to Justin Miller. He's been the unchallenged star of camp. Only a corner, but if he can nail down nickel duties as well as PR, he's a nice pickup.


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