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Rank the Rookie RBs for Dynasty purposes (1 Viewer)


RBs taken on the first day.....

Reggie Bush - New Orleans

Laurence Maroney - New England

DeAngelo Williams - Carolina

Joseph Addai - Indy

LenDale White - Tennessee

Maurice Drew - Jacksonville

Brian Calhoun - Detroit

Jerious Norwood - Atlanta

Reggie Bush - New Orleans

Joseph Addai - Indy

Laurence Maroney - New England

DeAngelo Williams - Carolina

LenDale White - Tennessee

Maurice Drew - Jacksonville

Brian Calhoun - Detroit

Jerious Norwood - Atlanta

1. Reggie Bush- RBBC w/ Deuce, Most talent

2 Laurence Maroney - RBBC with an aging Dillon/Good line

2 DeAngelo Williams - RBBC with injury prone D Foster/Good line (If Carolina had drafted Lendale I'd say RBBC for a long time, why spend a 1st rounder with similiar skill set as Foster. Maroney & Williams tied for 2nd. Williams has more talent but in rbbc with Foster a guy I just wouldn't count out yet.

3. Joseph Addai - RBBC with Rhodes/Good line (Indy reached on this pick, another RB will be brought in before the season starts, the Colts are so close to the Super Bowl and won't risk the season w/ just rhodes/addai.

4. Lendale White - Lots of talent, lots of concerns, good situation and can win out the starting job going into the season.

5. Jerious Norwood - Possible sucessor to Dunn, won't play much now but could take over in 08/09

6. Maurice Drew - Loaded with talent, unfortunately his size will hamper his career.

7. Brian Calhoun - 3rd down back.

big sleepers to watch out for (still in the process of slotting them in the 100):

Cedric Humes, PIT

Jerome Harrison, CLE

PJ Daniels, BAL

more to come...

Bush-obvious starter and playmaker

Moroney-Will take over for Dillon gradually and earn the trust of the Pat's with big plays and solid, consistant production

White-Beating out Chris Brown will be easier than beating out Foster, especially with an old friend on the coaching staff

Williams-will push Foster and have a 50/50 shot of beating him outright

Addai-The Colts panicked when Williams went and grabbed Addai. The problem is that Addai is unproven and has never carried the load. No way can one say he's better than Rhodes, now or in the future, so this looks to be a RBBC... And they may bring in another RB too.

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1. Bush - Does it really matter that he won't be playing in Houston? He might be better off in NO.

2. Maroney - may have to wait a year, but this is a very nice situation for him.

3. Addai - I think Dungy & Co. drafted him this high for a reason. If they didn't think he represented good value at that point in the draft...they would've traded down...or up, if they had thought Williams was worth it. They didn't. This reminds me of Cincy selecting Chris Perry...except there is no 'Rudi Johnson' currently on the Colt roster.

4. White - reunited with Chow. He'll immediately see all goal line work...and perhaps much more.

5. Williams - would have been my number 1 if either Indy or NE took him. He's too similar to Foster, who the Panthers just committed to financially. And I don't like counting on an injury for my RB to get substantial playing time. Father time is much more predictable.

6. Drew - I think the Jags see more than a 5' 6 or 7" RB. He's just a shorter, slightly less explosive Reggie Bush. He's eventually going to see the field plenty.

7. Norwood - time will eventually catch up with Dunn. For Norwood to watch and learn from him for a season - maybe two...is a good thing imo.

8. Calhoun - I'm just not too excited about Calhoun or his situation, maybe 3rd downs to start?

9. Harrison - my favorie sleeper. I suspect it might take him some time to get a shot with Droughns, Suggs and Green in town...but none of them is a superstar, and Harrison's feet are special. :)

10. Humes - could end up being the goal line back for Pittsburgh as Staley isn't getting any younger.

For kicks add this name also

49ers | M. Robinson will embrace his role as running back

Sun, 30 Apr 2006 21:41:06 -0700

Ray Fittipaldo, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reports San Francisco 49ers RB Michael Robinson said he will embrace his role as a running back. Robinson added, "I won't resist the chance because I understand the way the world works. I think for you to be successful on any level you have to be a football player first. You can't just limit yourself to whatever role you want to play." He said he will be used as a third-down running back-type and a slot guy who would come out of the backfield to do some thing. The team has said they would give him a shot at quarterback.

1.Bush: He will take over before long, and this is a Dynasty ranking.

2. Maroney: Opportunity meets talent. Besides, I trust New England scouting.

3. Williams: This isn't really clear-cut, and I think an argument can be made for Addai and White at the 3 position. I go with Williams because he is better than Addai and isn't a character/judgement issue like White.

4. Addai: Opportunity moves him ahead of White, and maybe he does have the talent just waiting to be brought out. Dom Davis certainly wasn't rated as good as Addai coming out, and he has taken advantage of his opportunities. Maybe Addai will explode out of the blocks.

5. White: Last, but may be a beast.

The first two RB's are easy, but the last three are really very close in my mind.

I had the misfortune of having the 3 pick in one league (misfortune because it wasn't worth much more than the 5). But I am very lucky to have gotten the 5 in another league, where a good RB will slip to me.

Laurence Maroney - New England

Joseph Addai - Indy

DeAngelo Williams - Carolina

Reggie Bush - New Orleans

Maurice Drew - Jacksonville

LenDale White - Tennessee

Brian Calhoun - Detroit

Jerious Norwood - Atlanta

This list doesn't include Undrafted FA RBs such as Hall, Henderson, Moore, Howard... but those guys certainly could crack this list and move into the top 13 if your Rookie draft includes them

1. Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints

Saints should run a similar offense to that of USC. I predict 15 touches a game for Bush as a Rookie, and that doesn't include Special Teams.

2. Laurence Maroney, New England Pats

This guy will be starting by Week 8. I'm not a big fan of force feeding young RBs. Coaches should also be wary of this tactic as Eddie George and maybe now Jamal Lewis seem to be getting banged up way too early in their careers. Maroney should vulture some TDs from Dillon, but Corey should bethe guy at the goaline assuming he's healthy.

3. Joseph Addai

Sure Rhodes went over 1,000 yards a couple years ago, but what have you done for us lately? Addai is a great fit, but will he have the confidence of the coaching staff to get consistent significant carries in the redzone? I'd give him 1,000 total yards and 4 TDs for '06 with the potential to become Edgerrin-lite down the road.

4. Lendale White

I for one like this guy and his situation in Tennessee. He may not be the immediate starter, but the coaching staff have not shown much faith or support for Brown or Henry. White and VY in the same backfield is a frightening thought. Could be the next Rudi Johnson.

5. DeAngelo Williams

Hate his situation. Yeah, Deshaun is fragile, but he should be a backup as long as Foster stays healthy. It's a curious pick and the transition tag makes you wonder how badly they wanted to keep Foster around. But owners could have to wait 3-4 years before he gets significant amounts of carries.

6. Jerious Norwood, Atlanta Falcons

Obviously the leading candidate to be Dunn's replacement. Wouldn't be surprised if both he and Duckett are gone in '07. Nobody else on the roster at this point will be higher on the depth chart.

7. Leon Washington, New York Jets

Don't sleep on this guy. Jets are building a solid foundation on the line, and the competition should be wide open once Martin retires (after '06 I predict).

8. Maurice Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars

Joins Greg Jones and Alvin Pearman as potential starters after Taylor retires. The best returner out of this group, but the cluttered backfield doesn't bode well.

9. Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns

Love his situation. Can spell Droughns right away. Suggs might be done in Cleveland soon. Harrison will have a chance to shine as a 3rd down back sooner than later. Droughns won't be a 30-carry-a-game RB in 2-3 years IMO.

10. Brian Calhoun, Detroit Lions

Will compete to be 3rd down back with Bryson and Pinner. Could be the next Marion Barber III, but that won't likely net him a starting gig unless Jones' career is sidetracked by injuries.

11. Wali Lundy, Houston Texans

Bush didn't go to the Texans for lots of reasons. But I'd be willing to bet that he didn't fit Kubiak's system as well as Kubiak would've liked. Question is, does Dom Davis? Kubiak, not Shannahan was the one who turned Gary, Davis, Anderson and Bell into 1,000 yd rushers. Is Lundy the guy if Dom Davis can't adjust to the system? Drop him down a notch if the Texans re-sign Wells.

12. Cedric Humes, Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers got a bruiser. If Parker doesn't prove he can carry the ball 25-30 times a game, Humes could see goaline looks by mid-season. Probably not the future, especially if the Steelers sign Duckett in '07 as rumors suggest.

13. Quinton Ganther, Tennessee Titans

Dropoff begins here as Ganther will be buried on the depth chart heading into '06. But would anyone be that surprised if Brown, Henry, Lendale didn't endear tehmselves to the coaching staff?

14. PJ Daniels, Baltimore Ravens

Provides some much needed depth in Baltimore. Jamal Lewis might be showing signs of breaking down, and Daniels might be the 'back of the future (Musa Smith still unsigned?)

15. Michael Robinson, San Francisco 49ers

I guess there is still a chance that Barlow gets traded. Gore still has durability concerns and Maurice Hicks is the only other RB on the team at this moment. Okay, he won't see much time this year, but could develop into a solid 3rd down back.

15. Michael Robinson, San Francisco 49ers

I guess there is still a chance that Barlow gets traded. Gore still has durability concerns and Maurice Hicks is the only other RB on the team at this moment. Okay, he won't see much time this year, but could develop into a solid 3rd down back.

Is it SF's intention to make an RB or a WR? If Smith doesn't get it together Robinson may turn into a QB. I'm wondering because I think he could be an excellent RB if that was his focus.

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