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Rank these cornerbacks please (1 Viewer)


16 team dynasty...we start 3-4 CB...how would you rank them? Need to free up a few roster spots and would like them to come from this group. Tackles 2 pts/asst 1/pd 3/Int 12


Amerson, David KCC CB

Burns, Artie PIT CB

Darby, Ronald PHI CB

Grimes, Brent TBB CB

House, Davon GBP CB

Maxwell, Byron SEA CB

Robey, Nickell LAR CB

Wilson, Quincy IND CB

Probably already know it but...

Amerson, David KCC CB - release by KC. Easy cut.

Maxwell, Byron SEA CB - IR'd by SEA. Easy cut.

Wilson, Quincy IND CB would be the next cut. The nickel CB on a team that still doesn't look like it'll have a potent offense rarely warrants a roster spot. Wire add based on MU will do. 

Grimes, Brent TBB CB - Tough not to like the old guy. He's still the recipient of pretty lofty predictions. But he's also still on the wire in both of my deep leagues (12 teams; 55 and 56 man rosters) so nobody seems to be jumping to add him. 

Robey, Nickell LAR CB & House, Davon GBP CB would be the last of the cuts. Both are on teams with strong offensive squads that can put up points. Games will tend to be higher scoring, faster paced... more IDP opportunity.

Keep Burns and Darby. Both are starters and #snapcountsmatter, even though some nickel CBs can out produce them.


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