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These guys are sitting on the waiver wire and waivers will be opening shortly. Which of these guys would you favor in a dynasty format. Start 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S and 1 flex. Darryl Blackstock LBWarrick Holdman LBFincher LBLance Mitchell LBAtogues SBullock SKerry Rhodes SCarlos Rogers CBMarlin Jackson CBThanks

W/o knowing your scoring system, I would rank as...Marlin Jackson CBFincher LBCarlos Rogers CBAtogues SBullock SThrow a dart...Lance Mitchell LBKerry Rhodes SDarryl Blackstock LBWarrick Holdman LB

If you need a LB I would take Fincher and then Mitchell. For DB I would take Marlin Jackson or Josh Bullocks.
:goodposting: Surprized that Marlin is out there. He was often a late round grab in a lot of leagues I was in (and not always by me!). If you have a large enough roster, Rhodes might be a good guy to stash away.

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