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Rank these Linebackers (1 Viewer)


Tackle 1ptAssist .5 pointsFF/FR/Sack/SafetyBlocked kick and Int 2pt's1 Donnie Edwards2 Antonio Pierce3 Andre Davis4 EJ Henderson5 Jeremiah Trotter6 Will Witherspoon7 Morlon GreenwoodThanks

Any reason why you haven't looked at FBG's rankings? These questions just seem silly t o me, when all the resources in the world are on this website... :confused:

Tackle 1pt

Assist .5 points

FF/FR/Sack/SafetyBlocked kick and Int 2pt's

1 Donnie Edwards

2 Antonio Pierce

3 Andre Davis

4 EJ Henderson

5 Jeremiah Trotter

6 Will Witherspoon

7 Morlon Greenwood

Drop Henderson to the end and you have the right order.

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