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Rank These QB's Rest of Season (1 Viewer)







How would you rank them and who do you like to help a team down the stretch weak at QB? 



Not exactly sure how I would rank them, but here are some thoughts

Dalton - great schedule coming up, good weapons, will make some mistakes

Tanehnill - 10-1 in last eleven starts, plays on a conservative offense, so not much ceiling here

Winston - Great weapons, decent schedule, but not a starter at the moment.  I personally think Fitzpatrick would have to screw up badly to lose the job, not just toss a couple of picks.  I think Fitzpatrick is way more popular in the locker room than Winston, just in terms of their personalities.  

Bortles - Very up and down - could be a Top-5 or a Bottom-25 in any given week.  Also has a nice schedule.

Carr - Fifth in the league in yards after 3 weeks, so he must be doing something right. Just not throwing TDs.   Awful defense means the Raiders need to score.  Not much on his team in terms of weapons though - Amari Cooper may be more boom-bust than even Bortles

Here's mine



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