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Ranking Led Zeppelin Songs - Request To Participate (1 Viewer)


It would be too bad if that were the case for the bolded. Especially Sick Again -- of all the material they had for Physical, that was one of the songs from it that they put in their live set, and for good reason. 

Hat's Off and Hot Dog are the two obvious shutouts to me from the albums released in Bonzo's lifetime. I also think The Crunge is awful, but I know there are those who disagree with me on that. 
I stand by my choices   They are all horrible by Zep standards imo, even Sick Again.  I didn't add Hot Dog because I new some hungry dude would pick it.  Also, the Crunge is great.  Probably between 30-40 for me.

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In The Zone

I know I probably wouldn't win but a $5 pool to see who is the last person to have one of their top 25 listed would be interesting. 



After submitting my list to Anarchy rather quickly due to Covid and my own procrastination, I've been listening to a Spotify list of the songs I had in contention on shuffle the last few days. My list would definitely change if I was asked to do it right now - maybe only a few moving in/out of my top 25, but for sure some would be moving up and down (Fool in the Rain, The Ocean, Four Sticks, and Custard Pie come to mind).

Thanks again to Anarchy for this thread and the other - it's been pretty sweet jamming out to LZ these last few weeks, and they're moving back into regular rotation. I binge Pink Floyd on the regular at work, and will add this into the mix  :thumbup:


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