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Ranking MLB Teams Farm Systems (1 Viewer)

Good to see the Braves in at #4 with a couple of prospects in the top 10.

Jason Heyward is a RF and I have a slight man crush on Jeff Francuer, so I am not sure how I feel about that.

Nice to see Rasmus and Wallace in the top 20 for the Cards.

I really, really, really hope Wallace stays at 3rd. By the time he makes it to the bigs, maybe the Cards can get a defensive minded SS to compensate because Wallace might hit well enough for two spots in the lineup.

I was suprised Max Scherzer wasnt in the top 25. Is he not considered a "prospect" anymore? If he was where do you guys think he would rank?

Not surprised to see the Dodgers so low, considering the number of young players who've made the jump to the big club in the last 3 years or so.

Rangers fan..nice to see some promise for sure
The Rangers actually have a TON of talent in the system.............to the point that Daniels will have to be VERY active and at the right times to not only promote the right ones but trade the right ones and not lose some that may fall between the cracks - he can't be 100% on that (No One can), so he is sure to get some flack..........but they should be very close in 2010 and if the Angels and Athletics aren't really good, it could be this year IF the Rangers can figure out the right pitchers - and that won't be easy............or perhaps fan friendly.

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