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Rare IDP Dynasty with rare orphan team (last year's champ)... (1 Viewer)


25 keepers are: QB- Rivers, QB-Ryan, RB-Coleman, RB-Freeman, RB-Gordon, RB-Fournette, WR-Allen, WR-D. Bryant, WR-Gordon, WR-Julio J, WR-Mike Williams, WR-Robert Woods, DT-Atkins, DT-Jarrett, DE-Campbell, DE-Flowers, DE-Ingram, DE- Wilkerson, LB-Jatavus Brown, LB-Marshall, LB-Woodyard, CB-Casey Hayward, CB-Desmond King, S-Barry Church, S-Tony Jefferson

If interested get back to me immediately by PM or to grovgump@gmail.com. Looking to fill ASAP and get the year started as this league is busy with multiple drafts.

2018 Home Link: r/http://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/62951#0

2018 Scoring Link: r/http://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=62951&O=09

2018 Rules Link: r/http://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=62951&O=26

League is 3 years old

Entry/Payouts: $58 (50 for prize and 8 for site fee), 1st, R-up, most points regular season, most points in single week

6 playoff teams (2 division winners, next best record, next best record, all play best record not 1-4, most points not 1-5

10 Team 53 Man Roster (7 IR & 7 Taxi) with 25 players kept per season

Unique Concepts:

--higher seeded playoff teams get to pick opponent

--chumpion Bracket for playoffs to determine #1 rookie pick following season

--division re-alignment yearly

--NFL pre-season results determine our rookie draft order instead of computer generated order

--2 drafts per season (free agent slow auction and 7 round rookie draft)

--home field advantage bonus points

--captain and double team feature for bonus/deduction of player points

--survivor pool and ats pick pool during season to acquire more cap funds for the following season

--end of year awards for players on your team to acquire more cap funds for the following season


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