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**Rare Opening for ONE TEAM in Phenomenal 12 Team Auction Redraft League!** (1 Viewer)


Teams rarely leave our league as it is an interactive and full-blown experience and the owners have built great rivalries over the years.  We have a rare opening this year so get in while you can!  We are looking for an experienced, competitive owner who intends to remain in the league for many years.  Features include:

--31st season, league hosted on rtsports.com
--Live online auction draft - we do NOT allow auto-nominating or auto-bidding as this league is all about participating & building relationships/rivalries and you cannot do that if you are not participating live with the other owners. 
--12 team league, 3 divisions, head-to-head makes for great rivalries as you play each of your division opponents twice/year
--Opening weekend features "Rivalry Week" with the best all-time league rivalries scheduled & includes a rematch of last year's Championship Game.
--Commissioner posts detailed weekly news and highlights and regular league polls, and we maintain yearly and all-time league stats and scoring records
--All teams required to submit full team information including city/region and mascot, team colors, home stadium name, and logo
--Standard scoring (non-PPR) and we do NOT use defenses
--Home field advantage of 3 points awarded for HOME games and also if you host a HOME game in the Playoffs.  World Championship is at neutral site.
--3 division winners + 2 wildcard teams qualify for the playoffs
--League fee of $25 - money goes to World Champion, Runner Up, and the league website hosting fee.  Division winners receive free entry for following season.
**This is an extremely competitive, yet respectful and family-oriented group of owners.  We do not allow foul language on message boards or crude team names/info.  Only apply if you agree to this**
INTERESTED PROSPECTIVE OWNERS - send email to: jukebox@tutamail.com


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