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Rare opening in 12/tm, contract cap dynasty/Yr round activities/13 y.o. league (1 Viewer)


Active, year-round league, 13 years strong. The league is a labor of love for me- I upgrade the template/graphics on the website every three years. Once we get the new owner on board, we will migrate to the 2019 site and open up for RFA auctions and then UFA auctions after that so you can jump in and start building. 

Orphan team (playoff team this past year) roster includes Keenan Allen, Julio Jones and Dalvin Cook. It has 1.06 in this year’s Rookie Draft (always held in June after OTA’s) plus has the third highest total of FA$ in the league at its disposal. Wild Card spots are determined by All Play record, not regular season record. Six-team playoffs.

Below are the essentials...


The math is simple, you have a 60 year cap and 21 active slots, 4 IR slots, and 6 player taxi squad where you can let your rookies marinate before you issue them a contract.

a. Pricing: $60
b. Roster: Formerly The JohnWoo Experience
c. Rookie Draft format: 3 round rookie draft in July. Email slow draft
d. Rules: scalable ppr: .5 rb, 1 wr, 1.5 te. QB scoring is amplified: 2 pt per completion, -1 per incompletion. Can start 1-2 rbs, 2-4 wrs, 1-2 te.
e. Waiver rules: R/UFAs are done through auctions on the message board in the offseason. BBW and FCFS during the regular season
f. Host: MFL
g. Prizes/payout: 100% payout less annual MFL fees. I pay out-of-pocket for template upgrades
h. Playoff structure: 4 Div Champs and then 2 WC based on All-Play record

Features of the league:
Active league, core is 6 high school buddies
6 slot Taxi Squad- you can leave a rookie on the taxi squad for up to 3 years
3 round email rookie draft in June
Rulebook in pdf file 
Upgraded graphics 
Contracts are on Excel spreadsheets that I send out regularly during the season
In the offseason, there is an RFA period and a UFA period where you bid on players via auctions on the message board.
Mid June: 3 round rookie draft. Email slow draft with 24 hour clock per pick that usually last 10 – 12 days with about 50-60 picks (includes comp picks for players lost in league RFA.)

I can send the rulebook and current contract spreadsheet if prospective owners would like more info. Email me at ncdcontracts at gmail dot com.


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