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12 team 0.5ppr. Start Qb Rb Rb Wr Wr Wr TE Flex(Wr/Rb/te) K D

Jalen Hurts
Kirk Cousins

Derrick Henry
Alvin Kamara
Breece Hall
Michael Carter
Nyheim Hines
Raheem Mostert
Ameer Abdullah

DJ Moore
Diontae Johnson
Darnell Mooney
Marquise Brown
Jakobi Myers
Jahan Dotson

Irv Smith Jr
Logan Thomas

Harrison Butker

Green Bay


team looks pretty solid. obviously te is a concern. this is something youll probably need to monitor all year. some late round guys that may still be there on the ww that i like are mo alie cox, brevin jordan, even engram, maybe even daniel bellinger. also if ertz is out sunday i might consider grabbing trey mcbride before the game in case he blows up.

also, as a general rule you dont wanna invest draft capital in a backup qb. this will ofc depend on league rules, sometimes its unavoidable. but if this is a traditional style league with normal waivers, whatever flier rb/wr/te you could have gotten where you took cousins would make your team a lot stronger.

also also, abdullah is not the type of guy you want on the end of your bench with these league settings and this group of rbs. somebody like gaskin, tdp, zamir white, hassan haskins, etc., guys that can win a starting rb bellcow-ish role in the right situation is better.

all minor nitpicks though, this team should be a title contender.


I think you need more at WR. Ameer is expendable and so is the extra DST. Maybe go for some more upside in case week 1 injuries happen or a breakout.

Sit all your RBs except for Kamara and Henry too in week 1.

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