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Rate my team? WHIR (1 Viewer)


12 team, standard, no ppr

QB, 2 RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF

QB - Big Ben, Garrapolo

RB - Bell, Carson, K.Johnson, Peterson, Montgomery,

WR - Evans, Jeffrey, Hogan, R.Matthews, K.Stills, Kirk, Moncrief

TE - Kelce, Ebron

K - Prater

DEF - Denver Broncos

would help to see at what round you got your picks because I'm thinking you maybe reached on some of them which shows in your draft. It's average in my opinion. Other than Bell, I don't like your RBs, and I agree that you don't need two TEs at this point. Go for an upside player instead.

Not gonna lie, not a fan of your team overall.

here is mine please. Any opinion is appreciated. thanks


I play in a similar league. You got to hit on Johnson and Carson or you will be stressing out for the year. Even if one hits, your injuries and bye-week will be daunting. I don't hold much in the way of Peterson or Montgomery doing much for you. I also feel that your WR's were on the high upside train with Evans and Jefferies. Hogan will hopefully keep up his points after Edelman comes back, but should see targets regardless. 

Don't quote me on this, but I feel that your going to be playing the ranges of your floor and ceilings week to week versus the average. I agree with the others of dropping Ebron since you got Kelce and look for high upside WW picks for either WR or RB. I would also try to trade Garrapollo/Big Ben + WR or RB to get something a bit better in those positions.



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