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s d lynn

Rate these DL/DT (obviously Pepper is # 1)DE Julius PeppersDL Shaun RogersDL Aaron KampmanRate these LBsLB Mike PetersonLB Andra DavisLB Antonio PierceRate these DB/SS Michael LewisS Bryan ScottS Sammy KnightTHANKS......

Rate these DL/DT (obviously Pepper is # 1)

DE Julius Peppers (1)

DL Shaun Rogers (2.5)

DL Aaron Kampman (2) really close coin flip

Rate these LBs

LB Mike Peterson (1)

LB Andra Davis (2)

LB Antonio Pierce (3)

Rate these DB/S

S Michael Lewis (1.5)

S Bryan Scott (2) -think he has some injury concern or 1

S Sammy Knight (1) again close call

Bryan Scott is switching to FS and does have a lingering injury concern ...

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