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Ravens OL - an all time great playoff performance? (1 Viewer)


Just noticed that the Ravens OL has has a phenomenal post-season. In 4 games, they had a total of two penalties called against them - both false starts. Zero holding calls. Further, they surrendered only 6 sacks, and allowed Flacco sufficient time to not throw any int's.all this, despite playing 3 of 4 games away from Baltimore, and facing the likes of Aldon smith, Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.All this from a group that had very little consistency all year, due to injuries, in-season coaching changes, and positional changes.Zero holding calls in 4 games is what really stands out though. Amazing. Has any team ever gone 4 straight games without a holding call before, much less at the highest level?

With McKinney and Oher on the edges there is no way you could have convinced me that the line would be soo succesful during the playoffs. Both those guys have had serous issues with speed on the outside so to have them hold up so well was a huge blessing. Patricular praise goes to Oher who's made a career out of ill-timed sloppiness and lack of focus. The firing of Cameron and the rejiggering of the line all occured at about the same time and they were keys to the post season run.

Firing Cam Cameron was a move long overdue, the guy was just not a good play caller and offensive mind.

No coincidence the entire organization played better immediately after ray ray said he was hanging it up. deer antler. all of them. /thread


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