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Ravens vs. 49ers (1 Viewer)

Anybody else feel CBS isn't making enough of a "big deal" out of this game? Something is lacking..
The Super Bowl is always like this if your team isn't in it. It's fun because everyone watches and its the championship, but its never "that" exciting IMO. By the time the second half rolls around, most people aren't even paying attention.
My prediction of ravens 45-10 is looking pretty good....... Just wait until the Fortywhiners get behind another score and abandon that 1920's offense..... Copernicus will get exposed....

I know the camera angles make things look closer or farther than they really are, but it sure did look like Moss could have broken that up if he hadn't quit on it.

How was #29 for Baltimore not ejected? Multiple punches to the stomach of a 9er and then he stood up and gave an official a violent 2-handed shove.

Great play by Willis to fight through the block and make him go all the way to the sideline.

SF could really use a last-minute INT.It seems to me they are rushing this game to get to Beyonce. I think the 2nd half will be longer.

Whew. Majory gutsy call and I don't agree with it now that I see that Patrick Willis was the one that Dickson needed to block to seal that edge. Not sure why John Harbaugh made that call unless it was because he thought his D could hold but even so that is as bad as a missed field goal.


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