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Ravens vs. 49ers (1 Viewer)

Surprised Jacoby Jones didn't catch that. This is the second straight season he's played really well for Baltimore in the playoffs.

Keap with another mistake.
Somebody is bitter. Go chase some 4 year old kid away from your house.
Double clutching a deep curl towards the sideline and starring down you're primary read are great attributes. It's clear, he's struggling.
He just doesn't have enough starts yet to and hasn't had a lot of adversity to overcome yet. Going up against a very veteran D with 2 weeks to prepare is going to show off his weaknesses.
Liked the Sketchers cheetah commercial. Though they should have got Simon King to narrate it.

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I guess Jacoby Jones shows up to the game with suitcases of Ben Franklins and gives them to the opposing safety before the game


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