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Ray Lewis: A third down LB? (1 Viewer)

He's still playing every down.

Lewis has had among the fewest tackle opportunities in the league -- averaging 34 over two games, which is well below the league's historical average of 48. He's faced 39 rushing attempts on the season, fewer than guys like Keith Rivers have seen in a single game. He's been near the team lead in tackles (five solos) in both weeks. His LB and S teammates are not beating him to the ball. He looked as quick and destructive as ever decleating Kellen Winslow and causing an interception yesterday.

He should have a better game on the road next week in Pittsburgh, but isn't a LB1 independent of any matchup any longer.

Thanks, Jene. Hopefully, he gets more opportunities. It is hard for me to sit him. But I do have some other LBs who have had better stats thus far(McIntosh, E. Barton & A. Pierce).


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