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Ray Lewis or Jonathan Vilma (1 Viewer)


Last year was my first for a league with IDP's - gotta admit I'm hooked!Anyway, on to business:We can keep up to three players - 1 Off, 1 Def, and 1 RookieI will be Keeping L. Tomlinson & Kevin Jones (as my rookie).I have Jonathan Vilma on my roster. Another guy has Ray Lewis, but doesn't have a decent Rookie Keeper on defense.I know Ray Lewis can help in the short term with the Raven's move to the 46, but long term I think Vilma will help me (at least I think so). I can keep Vilma on my roster his entire career if I want as there is no limit on the # of years one player may stay on a roster.Is Vilma being overated for 2005? Is he a Top 10 LB? Is Lewis a shoulder injury away from being done?Just looking for angles from some of you IDP Gurus.Any help would be most appreciated.Thanks!

I think Vilma should be a top ten LB this year, and for years to come. He has the potential to be a top 5 too. Lewis may rack up a lot of points this year in that 46 D scheme, but he's on the wrong side of thirty for sure. I'm admittedly a Jets homer, but in a keeper league, I think Vilma is the right pick.

In a dynasty league, I'd go with Vilma.In a redraft, it's Ray.I consider keeper leaggues like this to be essentially redrafts, so I go with Ray. BUT - if you should be able to get something with Ray, like a pick upgrade, in the deal. If not, he's hurting more than you are, so don't make the deal unless you do get something else.

Strange... everyone says Vilma over Lewis, but in the 12 Zealots startup drafts this offseason, here is how they've gone:Lewis, Ray BAL LB Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB77 11980 9575 88110 97100 8490 6385 9352 9683 8078 8465 8878 71So Lewis went before Vilma in 7 of the 12.


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