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Ray Rice at slot receiver? (1 Viewer)


ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported on NFL Insiders Wednesday the Ravens are considering "shifting" Ray Rice out to wide receiver in some packages to help replace Dennis Pitta's production.

"They love Bernard Pierce," Mort emphasized. "There's some thought of shifting Ray Rice out to receiver" in certain groupings. Rice isn't changing positions, but it's a wrinkle OC Jim Caldwell needs to explore due to Baltimore's sudden lack of short to intermediate receiving options. Rice would likely play slot receiver as opposed to outside. Pierce's snaps are going to rise significantly.
Thoughts on this? It sounds awesome from a PPR standpoint, although I'm not sure how to take it in my 0.5 ppr. While his receptions will certainly increase, I'm wondering if this might take him out of goal line opportunities.

If he was going to lose goal line touches, this wouldn't be responsible for any of it. This is objectively positive for his value.


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