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Ray Rice - Keeper League Stud? (1 Viewer)


Ray Rice is available via free agency in my 1 player keeper league. He was drafted late, so would have value to be picked up as a potential keeper. He probably wouldn't help me much this year based on my other backs.

Here's the question, what are the chances Rice starts next year? If he does start is it reasonable to assume he can be a RB2?

worth holding onto for the stretch run to see what happens as his role is increasing and maybe Harbaugh sticks with the hot hand. But McGahee is the guy when healthy, just really banged up this year. Thinking next year, McGahee will still be young and his contract is affordable. A trade will have to happen, that will only come to fruitation if Rice is lights out for the rest of the season

In PPR leagues Rice is definetly worth adding this season, if available(althought not sure why he would be). McG is having one of those years, maybe one of those careers, always taking hits around the legs and just unable to avoid injuries. At the worst next season Rice gets 8-10 carries a game and catches 4-6 passes each week! :excited:

From Pro Football Weekly:

"It is unclear whether McGahee will return for Sunday’s game at Houston. When healthy, he’s the starter, but there is plenty of work for Rice and McClain, too. And more and more, it appears that Rice will replace McGahee over the long term, perhaps as early as next season.

For now, though, the Ravens will enjoy the luxury of having three capable players for one lineup spot. And for a team that runs as much as they do, that luxury is almost a necessity."


I just picked Rice up in my re-draft league. He has earned playing time, and I am hoping that with McGahee's injury and possibly Balt. defense holding the Texans offense down, Rice will see a good deal of action. Moving forward much has been made of the Ravens schedule (NYG, PHI, WAS, PIT) but I actually think that helps Rice. McGahee may struggle running the ball vs. those defenses which could mean more opportunities for Rice in the passing game.


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