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RB dilemma (1 Viewer)


Standard/performance league, need to start 2 . . . .  Elijah Mitchell, Mattison, Aaron Jones, Javonte Williams and Antonio Gibson. Currently, I have Williams and Jones starting. Thank you for your input.



Many of these guys have injury questions (either them or their teammates) that will affect the answer to this question.  There is no way to answer properly until some of this is sorted out.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Mitchell - If he plays he gets the ball a lot.  Tough to sit if he is in the lineup.  Cincy is a decent matchup
  • Mattison - If Cook plays then he is not in my lineup.  If Cook is out then he is in consideration
  • Aaron Jones - as strange as it sounds I don't consider him out of this group until I see a normal game out of him
  • Javonte - If Gordon is out again then he is likely in the lineup.  If Gordon plays he drifts towards to bottom of the choices
  • Gibson - In the lineup.  No questions surround him and he has been playing well.  Also Dallas isn't very good against the run.


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