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RB Henry or Samuels - Leave Link will answer (1 Viewer)


Pitt plays NE. Henry had a crazy last week but can he duplicate against NYG with Dion Lewis still getting his share?  Henry plays NYG.

I also have Breida who is also very questionable. Leaning towards Henry since healthy.  Thoughts?

Leave link will answer yours.

I think you have to go Henry. Ride the hot hand...plus NYG season is over, and there is lots of turmoil on that team. Once they get down, they'll give up and he can break a big one off. 

Drop a vote on my lineup poll if possible: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/773208-foles-vs-d-cook/

If you think you need higher ceiling Henry. 

If you want a steady 15, Samuels.

I am usually risk taker, so would go Henry.

Thx for answering mine.

Kind of agreeing with Birds of Prey.  Also if PPR would lean more to Samuels, Standard lean more to Henry.

thanks for answering mine.

Thanks to all for replies.  Due to the fact Lindsey, Sutton (Sanders & Jones IR - ugh) & Kelce did largely nothing for my team - I need a higher ceiling.

Gd pts and rolling with Henry. Fingers crossed.

Good luck all!


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