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RB Tony Jones Jr., NO (1 Viewer)


Debating on picking him up. Should I drop a WR6 (Elijah Moore) for him? Also carrying two TE and might dump Jonnu.
Congrats on being so deep at WR that Elijah Moore is your #6.

Since week six Moore is the #5 WR in my league with 10, 10, 26, 12 & 26 points.

I would be very hesitant to drop him for a one week dart throw.

I think Sean Payton is the best offensive mind in the game and he has done amazing things with the limited weapons he has. But now we take away take away their last remaining weapon? 

Heck Jones'll probably put up 100+ total yards, 5-6 receptions and a score. But man how much more can that offense withstand?



He got TFL quite a bit which I can't figure out why. Just awful why did he play less snaps than Mont? This saints offense is #### cant believe I flexed this dude 



on his last 8 carries he upped that to 16, so 16-27-0

started him in one league, but in my long team league (e.g., the one I actually care about), my opponent had him

along with Waller and CHI D and Drake

(he leads our league in players IR’ed this year - poor guy is starting Tyrod in place of Murray)

guess I’ll survive the Swift injury after all 


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