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RB waiver wire (1 Viewer)


12 team full PPR, currently at 8-3, guaranteed to make the playoffs.  My current RBs (need to start 2) are J Conner, K Johnson, and A Collins.  Johnson won't play this week, and Collins may have a reduced role going forward.

Top options on the waiver wire include J Adams, P Barber, G Edwards, and E McGuire.  Which order should I prioritize these guys?  And should I drop Collins?  Other possible drop candidates would be C Ridley, J Brown, D Thomas...

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I would have them in the order you have them listed.  I would have no issue with dropping Brown or Thomas. 

Brown for Adams,.  McGuire is next for me because of the Ravens committee is unpredictable and Gus isn't catching many passes. given full PPR.  I wouldn't have an issue dropping DT either but might wait to see how it goes this week.


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