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RB Will Shipley, PHI (1 Viewer)

Dane Brugler
#Clemson RB Will Shipley announced he has declared for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Shipley is one of best competitors in this draft. Really like him on passing downs and what he can do in the screen game.

Benny the Broncos Fan
How's his pass pro?

Dane Brugler
Shane P. Hallam
Every time I watch Will Shipley, I am impressed by his toughness, vision, and the little things. He isn't flashy, but could hold an NFL role.

Day 3 grade, but could be a real sleeper at RB.

Jeff DiMatteo
I like Shipley a lot, but he's a situational guy. I would love him as the #2 to CMC in SF. His versatility would be on full display.

Shane P. Hallam
Would love that fit!
Fantasy Fanatics

Will Shipley is a jack of all trades running back, and the best PPR back of this class. His metrics don’t jump off the screen but he excels in everything he does.

Don’t follow the masses and overlooks Shipley for being highly efficient.

✅ Early Breakout (856 total yards as a 18 year old true freshman)
✅ Young prospect (declaring at 21 years old)
✅ Best receiving back in CFB
✅ 5.0+ YPC in every year at school
✅ 7.3+ YardPerReception every year

The kid is built identical to Dalvin cook

4.15 Shuttle
4.41 40 (official)

After he lights it up at the combine, there’s no way that an NFL team doesn’t take a shot on him before the end of the 2nd round. He has been a workhorse back since his freshman year as a true 3 down back with his receiving upside.

Just a fundamental Running-back with Grit

✅ Doesn’t dance through holes he hits holes hard
✅ Finishes runs
✅ Has no problem with shaking off arm tackles

This clip really showcases the sneaky athleticism and strength of Will Shipley after he hurdles the safety to bulldoze through the two defenders and score.
Full-Time Dame
Will Shipley:
38 1/2 VJ
10’2 broad
Bench: 16
Unofficial 40: 4.34-4.38 👀

Nick Penticoff
Will Shipley had 28 explosive runs last season.

In 2022 he had 35.

Ray G
Will Shipley 5’11” 206, 4.44 40 time. That will work. I’ll be higher than most. Love this young man’s all-purpose skill-set #2024NFLDraft
I really like him. Think he'll end up on my team with a mid 2nd round pick
Same. Like the skill set & attributes but landing spot will weigh heavy.
I am targeting early 3rd (own 3.03) but who knows what his value will be after NFL Draft.
As much as I want to hate Clemson they do produce some good footballers
t who knows what his value will be after NFL Draft.
Yep. Shipley's been surprisingly under the radar and I've been grabbing him super late in some redraft teams but in general I can't recall a year I've had more RB sleepers. Feel like people are overly down on this class. For sure none that I'm dying to spend first round picks on but a whole lot of good players.

Don't think I've ever had a year I wish I could do my dynasty rookie drafts before the NFL draft like this year. Because landing spots and NFL draft do matter and what's a sleeper to me probably won't be such a sleeper after the draft.
Hayden Winks
Will Shipley has nice sleeper appeal. Offered by Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. Started as a freshman at Clemson. Goal line and receiving role in all 3 years. Declares early. 21 years old. 206 pounds with 4.44 speed, 38.5 vert.

Can run every route out of the backfield.

Only 9% of Will Shipley's carries were outside carries. That partially explains his mediocre broken tackle rates because those are easier to produce out in space.

For context, Braelon Allen (235 pounds) was at 27%. Trey Benson at 32%. Bucky Irving at 25%.
I liked him in college, then I watched a bit of film. He breaks tackles against lesser teams. He does not break them against better teams. He's plenty fast enough. Not sure he is gonna be able to do much against NFL LBs.

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