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READ THIS: America’s most remarkable kid (Kevin Cooper) died in Newcastle, Utah — his legacy never will (1 Viewer)

Nathan R. Jessep

I was going to post this in my interesting news thread, but I decided that Kevin needed his own thread. What an amazing young man. I wish it had a happier ending, but it's inspiring all the same. I urge you to take a few minutes and read this story.



Amazing story. Thanks for posting that. So sad.
It's lucky that kid didn't live in Kansas. He would have never been able to do all that stuff.

The funny thing is, some of his ideas would do great in Kansas. West of Manhatten is turning into a wasteland. The farmers out there are draining the aquifer that sits right below our state and a lot of the surrounding areas. That article was really interesting for me based on that alone. Felt very familiar because alot of Kansans are gonna be in a world of hurt in the coming years.

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