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This was a nice article, as I play in only dynasty leagues and am always looking for opinions and sleepers. While most of these guys were rostered in my leagues already, I felt some interested me enough to discuss further...and a few that weren't listed deserve some attention. This won't go through every team, and without regurgitating the entire article for the non-subscribers, here are my thoughts:


A couple thoughts on Alex Okafor. The first thing is I didn't see him listed on the every-down linebacker report, but I believe he's been over 75% of the snaps in each game since he moved into the starting lineup. Despite mediocre PFF numbers, he is basically in his first year of meaningful playing time as he missed most of his rookie season after tearing his bicep. For tackle heavy formats, he certainly isn't on the radar, but for leagues with realistic scoring I think he is a pretty decent dynasty hold; and one that might not be scooped up yet.


Thomas Davis will be 33 next year, and is owed $7M+ next year. While his play is still strong, the Panthers continue to face cap troubles and he might be a casualty there. AJ Klein's play has been decent in limited/base snaps. I like him more than the alternative on their roster, and he is good enough in coverage to play all downs, but currently behind two all-pro's so doesn't see time there now. I think he'd be a solid LB3 at WLB there if Davis moves on and he plays in base/sub snaps.


Hunt was listed, and was a guy that was really brought up a lot in the offseason as a sleeper. Suffice to say, his play hasn't matched the hype. He actually hit the wire a few weeks ago in one of my large roster dynasties, and nobody has made a move for him. I can't bring myself to drop anyone on my squad for him. Clarke is rostered, or I might make a move for him instead. Overall not feeling strong about either of these ends, but would lean towards Clarke in the "he hasn't failed yet" situation.


Another name that wasn't listed for next year was Tyrone Crawford. He's one of the many players whose real life play has been significantly better than his box score stats. He has 25 hurries/hits, with only 1 sack. Often, but not always, that type of work is rewarded. Because of his depressed stats, he may likely be on the wire in your leagues. He's gotten a lot of positive press from reporters and coaches, so I believe he will continue to be a big part of the rotation next year. In addition, MFL lists him as a DE; but he has primarily been playing the interior and I think will likely have a position distinction change to DT for those in tackle required leagues.


Muamba and Jackson were both listed, but I don't know much about these guys aside from the CFL connection. I know Muamba is getting special teams duties, but couldn't find much more information on how either is progressing. Would love if some locals had more insight. But I imagine both would be "watch" guys, rather than stash.


Was a bit surprised to see Chris Smith listed, with him being primarily on the PS and unclaimed despite his mid-level draft status. I never thought he was a great fit in a 4-3 for his size. I expected to see Ryan Davis here, with his rushing performance in limited snaps. Perhaps his performance was strong enough to feel that he is rostered in many leagues. Like Crawford, he's also a guy playing primarily in the interior, with a chance to get a DT distinction next season.


I jumped on Mayowa a few weeks back, but he hasn't really taken a step forward despite consistent snaps. Though, he hasn't been bad; which is probably actually a good sign considering his supporting cast. Obvious concerns with possible new coaching staff and what scheme they will be running. I haven't gotten a chance to see any games, but PFF has been listing him as an OLB and Oakland as running 3-4 more often.


Though likely rostered, Graham is a guy I like to have (again, big play formats). But even for tackle heavy leagues, he is set to be a FA next year, and could conceivably move to an even front as a DE, which many believe is his more natural position.

San Fran

Borland is obvious, but rostered everywhere. Tank is a guy that got a ton of hype and I like, but likely owned in larger formats. Lynch was a guy that was available until I grabbed him two weeks ago in my big play formats; he really began seeing a big spike in snaps the last month or so, and even with Aldon returning should continue to get good rotational snaps due to his play and Brooks behavior. I'd put a good bet on Brooks not returning next year, and Lynch getting a good deal of snaps (and single coverage) across from Aldon. Really glad I was able to grab him, though not likely a guy for tackle heavy formats.



Great post!

I was hoping to find some 3-4 DEs whose contracts are up and might land as 4-3 DEs, or a Keenan Robinson/Nate Irving type future MLB... I guess that's Minter and Arthur Brown.



Tick said:
I guess that's Minter and Arthur Brown.
People were saying the same thing last year.
Yah, I don't love either of these guys. If forced to choose, I'd go Brown. At least he is playing behind talented players. As for "future Keenan's", one guy on my list I would lean somewhat to is Klein. He will obviously have much more competition than Keenan has this year, but that defense can support two LBs.

Indy might seem like a good spot to want to slot someone, but Jackson's salary/roster bonus is $5M guaranteed for next year. Freeman is a RFA, and I'd expect him back. Both have been terrible against the run, with Jackson being flat out terrible everywhere (Freeman is good in coverage).



Guys I've got stashed across my four leagues:

Brandon Graham x3

Kevin Minter x1

Margus Hunt x1

Christian Jones x2

Zach Brown x1

Jon Bostic x1

Arthur Brown x1

Not feeling all that thrilled about that crew, but the guys I dropped for them were a bunch of Brian Robisons.


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