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Reddit subreddit thread, post the subreddits you are hooked by. (1 Viewer)


I'm pretty sure most of you guys are on Reddit as its one of the most popular sites these days. The thing about Reddit is that it is so huge, it can take a long time to find interesting subreddits.

After over 2 years on Reddit i just came upon this subreddit featuring just historical pics, most that are not well known. http://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/. I spent about half an hour in awe of each pic on the all time top list. Just amazing stuff compiled in a neat place with discussions for each pic in the comments.

I think people posting their favorite subreddits can allow myself and others to find interesting stuff they havent seen before.

I do not understand reddit, but I think I just signed up for it
Your life will never be the same. Reddit is the Internets these days. Whatever your interests are, there are communities called "Subreddits" that are only interested in that. Be it stamps, movies, art, space pics etc...

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The dedicated TV subs are awesome, but being a non book reader, GOT subreddit should be avoided since you are bound to see spoilers in the posts and comments
Yeah but you have to wade through all kinds of stupid crap like poorly done tribute art/gifs and lame fan-theories.

"Here's a bas relief of Hodor I made out of chewed gum"

"Don Draper is actually a vampire"
of course there is garbage there but that is where i see all the Gif's and funny stuff from each episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

I click on Random from time to time, almost never anything useful to me.
Clicking the random button can be a truly amazing experience. It can also be extremely terrifying. I can say that i have seen some subreddits that i either 1) have no clue whats going on in them 2) are scary 3) exposed me to things i can NEVER unsee....

So for those feeling adventurous, set your browser to private mode, grab a drink and prepare for madness!

redditlist.com is a pretty good place to start if you are new to reddit.  Shows the most popular and active subs.  


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