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Redraft Charity Leagues (1 Viewer)


Hey everybody! I am hosting three redraft leagues this year (and hopefully annually) for charity! Each league will be a $25 buy in (through Leaguesafe) with half the prize pool going to charity. That’s $450 we’ll be donating! For this season, I’ve chosen to donate to the children of Ukraine through a fund from the Ronald McDonald House.

The 3 leagues will be a Vampire league, a Zombie league, and a Pirate league. Each will be 12 teams and hosted on Sleeper. Each of these leagues are similar in some ways, but also have many differences to set them apart. For just this year, I will be the Vampire in that league as my treat to myself (it would normally be randomized in the future). The Zombie will be randomized, and everybody is a Pirate in that league!

If you are interested in joining one, two, or all three leagues, send me an email and I can answer any questions you may have and get you joined in. Thanks!


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