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Redraft League One opening (1 Viewer)

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I have one opening in this league. It really is not a league for a beginner unless you enjoy a challenge. This league is always very tight in scoring and almost everyone is playoff bound until the last week of the regular season in most years. Especially tight in scores year before last.

The open team is Wheaton Warbirds. You would get a new banner/name of your choice for a few extra bucks. Otherwise you can take the current one there for free. (usually guys like to pick their own names though)

Price $105 + $6 mini banner (if you pay via paypal we have to add a few bucks for that as well, snail mail is free)

Here are the bylaws and scoring:



And the league site


4 years of history on the MFL site for previous years if you would like to see how fast the payouts went and to see how well the league gets along. Real fun league.

League fits well with someone who can draft with a slow timer (12 hours) but understands that is there to help us get through the sleeping hours.....we are pretty on top of it as far as making picks so we are trying to fill it with someone who has access while at work even if is limited access.

One spot.........lets fill this!

Arggg....I was hoping for a new banner. Let me see if I have an older one so we at least can switch it out for something different.


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