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Redraft pick 11 out of 12 PPR (1 Viewer)


It’s that time of year again. I have the 11th pick out 12. PPR.

Basic scoring
QBs: 1pt every 20 yards, bonus for 300 yards. All TDs 6.

Thinking of who might be available. No TE position btw.

Would you go Kelce or a Diggs or Pollard if there? I thought if Kelce or Diggs and then Mahomes or Allen to have the stack.Or even a Nick Chubb. I have never picked this far back in the draft
sure, kelce or diggs in that spot is nice and could maybe grab a rb like chubb or JT in the 2nd. they might not be there though. if not wrs like ajb, lamb and adams likely are there. or a rb like bark. not the best spot to have a hard target but a good spot to land two of a handful of targets or pounce on some early value if anyone drops. i'd be wanting a rb for sure outta the first two picks. i wouldn't go grabbing the first qb in the 2nd. i'd wait and maybe you can get in the third. if not don't worry and just grab one from the following tier qbs in subsequent rounds.
If you don't need to play a TE then I wouldn't take Kelce. I also think it's too early for a QB in a 1 QB league.
Thanks for help. I like my QBs early. Maybe rd 3. I know for sure the top 3 (Hurts, Mathomes, Allen will be gone.
With no TE spot this is a RB or WR 100% of the time at both 11 and 14, I would probably want one of each but depends who goes early I suppose
Diggs or Lamb at 11.

Diggs/Lamb, Chubb, Taylor, Henry at the next pick.

Don't touch a QB there as it's pass friendly. Burrow or Herbert at the 3/4 turn or Cousins as a sneaky later pick.
I think taking Kelce with your 1st or 2nd pick works. I know each league can be different in terms of scoring, but looking at the total points from my ppr league last year, Kelce would have been the #4 WR. I do agree that taking a QB in Rd 2 is risky, as you are passing on some really good WR/RB options. Good luck!!
I will say it is a QB friendly league.
TDs 6
1 pt every 20 yards pass
1 pt every 10 yards rush
5 pt bonus at 300 yards

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