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Redraft PPR: Keep my depth at RB or try to obtain better receivers? (1 Viewer)


I am 3-0 currently with the top points scored in my (10 team PPR) league. We start 2RB/2WR/1TE/2FLEX.   I am loaded at RB and have solid TEs as well, along with Big Ben at QB.  I am allowed to start 2 flexes so I prefer to start four RBs, though I only was able to do it the first two weeks.  My roster is as follows...

QB - Ben

RB - Gordon/CMC/Mixon/Conner/Crowell/Ekeler

WR - Tate/DThomas/Enunwa/Godwin/Shepard/CDavis/Crabtree

TE - Ertz/Reed

I know my receivers suck and I would like to upgrade, but I am able to pretty much start as many of my top RBs as I like each week and all four of them usually put up good scores when playing.

I do have an owner in my league who wants Conner and is offering Jarvis Landry.  I feel like I could get a bit more for Conner though.

I would actually see what you can get for Conner. He is getting lots of volume but his efficiency is beginning to wane. I would see what you could get for him. I like the Conner for Landry deal because I think Landry goes off with Mayfield under center and he is being used downfield more than he ever has in that offense. You could also try and buy low on Keenan Allen if the owner is down on him.


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