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Redraft PPR: Sanders for Fournette (1 Viewer)


My team:

QB: M. Ryan, R. Fitz

RB: S. Barkley, J. Conner, M. Ingram, (TBD ww add)

WR: J. Jones, T. Hill, E. Sanders, Marvin Jones, C. Sutton

TE: T. Kelce, J. Doyle


I'm in first by two games and looking for the playoff stretch. If I go for it, I'm protecting myself from Bell coming back (assuming Fournette stays healthy) and Ingram has only been so-so thus far. Losing Sanders means Marvin Jones is my bye week receiver or my fall back if Fournette gets hurt and/or Conner gets replaced by Bell.

It does give you some RB safety but Sanders has great upside. If full point PPR I would probably lean to Sanders but .5 pt I would go with Fournette

If you think Fournette will regain his previous form (I for one think he will), then you pull the trigger now.  Since he has been on the shelf all season his price is potentially about as low as it will be.

You have plenty of WR depth...with the questions surrounding both Connor and Ingram I make that trade in a heartbeat.

I think it is worth while to pull the trigger.  Jax will want to get back to their strength to win games and that is Fournette.  Take the chance he is healthy because he can be a difference maker down the stretch. 


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