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Ended up drafting last in a 10 team PPR, initial knee jerk was taking Treylon Burks for young upside WR, but really don't like my RBs.

D. Cook, E. Elliott, A. Gibson, R. Stevenson
D. Adams, J. Waddle, B. Cooks, D. Smith, E. Moore

Would you drop Treylon Burks for Jamaal Williams or Darrel Henderson? I'm expecting a slow start from Burks, since he's a rookie on a run first team with Tannehill as his QB.


What I'll say is I see is a lot of 'industry professionals' are calling Burks a fade this year. With that said even if his outlook is poor at the end of August there's always the chance he emerges mid season and becomes a guy that can help you get wins at the end of the year.

Personally I don't believe in Cam Akers coming off that achilles and think Henderson could be a steal. Your WR group seems pretty solid to me, and I personally hate Gibson so I don't think dropping Burks would be an awful decision, but I don't see a clear cut answer here that I'd call correct


I like your RB's. They should be really solid. For me I would go with the upside play but that isn't as easy to decide either. I like Henderson's upside as I don't trust Akers either. I would have no issue dropping Burks for Henderson and that is probably what I would do. Once you see how the Rams look you will likely be able to swap out Henderson quickly if he doesn't work out from the get go (assuming Akers hits).

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