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Redskins vs Bucs - Week 10 (1 Viewer)

Ryan Fitzpatrick SUCKS.  Not at all surprising.  Dirk should really get fired, and related to that, they should really be seeing every second of Jameis they can to determine what they want to do in the draft this year.

This franchise is total garbage.  Browns > Bucs at this point, quite possibly...

Koetter, for some reason, took over playcalling from Monken.  Why mess with the only thing that is working for the team?  He should be fired tomorrow, imo.

ffldrew said:
How the hell did this happen? - I didn't see game but looking at boxscore I see turnovers - did they all happen in the endzone? 
At least two did, plus a couple missed FGs in the redzone also.


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