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Reggie Brown, Gage, Moore (1 Viewer)


I haven't been able to watch Gage or Moore play (but I read the other thread about moore and it seems most here are pretty high on moore while colston and shockey are out a few weeks). Just wondering who you guys think will have more upside short-term and long-term as gage gets over his minor groin injury, reggie comes back opposite DJackson (curtis still out i think), and moore becomes more go-to for brees.

How big of an impact do you think reggie brown will have? Will he be the #2 behind Jackson shortly or will he rise above mediocrity finally?


Brown will be more involved than he was last week, but it's anyone's guess as to how much. Expect McNabb to spead the ball around. For this week I would rank the Eagle WRs Jackson-Baskett-Brown-others.


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