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Reggie Wayne to stay with Colts (1 Viewer)


The Indianapolis Colts made clear Friday that Reggie Wayne, another high-profile, big-play wideout, won't be available to the Redskins in their search to complement Santana Moss. Colts General Manager Bill Polian said yesterday that the team will prevent Wayne, 27, from becoming a free agent, either by negotiating a new contract or designating him the team's "franchise player," which would give the club exclusive negotiating rights. Wayne is due to be an unrestricted free agent and, along with Owens, stood to be one of the most coveted wide receivers on the market. "I can say one thing about Reggie Wayne, and it's he won't be a Redskin," Polian said. "We'll either sign him to a long-term deal or we'll franchise him, but he's not going anywhere."


The Colts have been saying this all along . . .
I've been trying to say that for a long, long time! There was never really much discussion of whether it would be Wayne or Edge that they bring back. They couldn't afford both after re-signing Manning and Harrison, and then facing having to re-sign others like Freeney...
I hope they Franchise him, then they won't have enough money to re-sign that young defense... just in time for when my Bucs D need an oil change.


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