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Reliable IDP injury info? (1 Viewer)


IDP news always seems to take a back seat to offense, including injury reports. Have you found any sites that have decent injury news for defensive players? Or does this news just not get circulated at all compared to offensive players?

My main IDP league is on Yahoo, and they are admittedly bad about IDP ranks and such. But I've noticed several times already this year that they have listed an IDP as Questionable without any info on the player's page. This week it is Corey Graham. I've Googled him and can't find any injury report, other than a concussion from week 1, and he's played since then.

IDPguru.com doesn't have anything in his Player Notes section either. So while other teams in my league are grabbing up all the decent bye week fillers, I'm left to wonder if one of my guys might not play this week, and I probably can't make an informed decision until the NFL Inactives report comes out (about 1 hour before kickoff).



FBG news blogger, best resource their is frankly. Also MFL has tons of news for each player right on their player page, easy access.


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