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replacement for T. Davis or other DB? (1 Viewer)


So I have T. Mcgee, T. Davis, B. Scott and D. Smith (start all 4) for my db's1.5 tackle.75 assist5 int4 sack3 ff2 fr1 pd6 td1 per 10 yards kick/punt returnSounds like T. Davis is being benched for his poor play (he still scored more then my other guys)Are any of these top scoreres in my league worth picking up for T. Davis or any of the others?Henry, Anthony Taylor, Ike Miller, Justin Crocker, Chris Ferguson, Nick Bodden, Leigh Plummer, Ahmed Schulters, Lance Ratliff, Keiwan Carr, Chris Adams, Mike Brown, Sheldon (playing tonight)

Furgerson played REALLY nice. Dont konw whether its a fluke or not, but he did put up some nice numbers. Ive seen some ppl on this board pimping him. Im gonna hang on to Thomas Davis for a little longer. Im hopingl he gets over his rookie mistakes by week 3. If he doesnt produce by than, im going to dump him and take a shot at some sleeper stud that HAS proven something the first 3 weeks. You might say 3 weeks is too soon, but time is prescious and so is my bench space.

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I'm assuming this is redraft (I wouldn't drop Davis for any of them in dynasty). Ferguson maybe, but I'd keep Schulters in mind too.


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