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Replacement owner needed for 12 team, half PPR, superflex keeper league on Sleeper (no buy in) (1 Viewer)


1qb + 1superflex, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1flex, 1def, 8bn
Keep 2 (keeper cost details pinned in the league chat)
FAAB waivers
Top 6 playoffs, bottom 6 battle for next year's #1 pick

Current roster:
QB: Josh Allen, Dodds, Z. Wilson
RB: Singletary, J. Hill, R. Johnson, Foreman, Penny, Mitchell
WR: Kupp (IR), Godwin, Lazard, JSN, Q. Johnston, Gallup, Jameson Williams
TE: Hurst, Taysom Hull
DEF: Packers

Sadly the original owner was a complete idiot so I booted him after week 1. Not a very good roster. At least you'll have an elite QB though going forward

Invite link:
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