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The open team is Denver - the link is below.


This is a IDP dynasty league - we keep all players year to year. The guy who had it went awol when his team was in last place.

Please don't join if your not willing to stick it out for the long haul. This year is paid for already and dues are cheap. Be sure to look at the bylaws to see all rules, starting line-ups etc.

This league has a ton of starters and it is great because one or two stars won't make your team great... it takes a team effort to win games here. This league will test even the most experienced vet of IDP leagues.

Email me with the topic: IRISH LEAGUE if you are interested. I do not check these forums regularly so if you post here I will not see it.

My email is: scgiants@msn.com Thanks for checking us out! - Brian

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